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BOYNE Golf Sustainability
BOYNE Golf Sustainability | E-Z-GO Green Ambassador — Boyne Resorts We couldn't ask for a better partner than E-Z-GO to further our sustainability efforts with.



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[0:05] As a leader in the golf industry, we want to show other golf courses that you can operate successfully with sustainability at the forefront.


[0:13] It really starts with a partnership, E-Z-GO and like-minded companies working together to achieve great goals.


[0:23] With E-Z-GO and our partnership, they've just been really great to work with.


[0:27] In 2021, Boyne Resorts established a net zero emissions goal by 2030 across all our properties.


[0:37] The company's ForeverProject encompasses all our environmental sustainability goals, plans, and initiatives, and it acts as a guide for all of our resorts to help as they work towards our 2030 goal.


[0:49] Our sustainability efforts for BOYNE Golf include selective watering on all our courses.


[0:57] We are also in the process of installing variable frequency drive in all of our pump houses to help us reduce our energy.


[1:04] Our E-Z-GO fleet helps us achieve our sustainability goals.


[1:08] With the lithium ion batteries that are in all the vehicles, charge times are less which means our energy consumption to charge the fleet is about 25% less than what it used to be.


[1:19] On the courses, the battery weighs so much less than a traditional lead acid battery, and that compaction on the grass is less and turf management is more sustainable and easier.


[1:30] The scorecard for the E-Z-GO Green Ambassador Program is a great way to hold ourselves accountable and look at opportunities for us to improve our sustainability efforts.


[1:40] Through E-Z-GO's Green Ambassador Program, we're hoping to be able to share our sustainability success stories and lead by example.


[1:49] Environmental sustainability is not a competition.


[1:52] We all need to work together to collaborate, to help combat climate change for our courses, for our community, and for the planet.