Boyne Mountain Junior Cup
Starting from $10 per person

Boyne Mountain Junior Cup

  • Starting from $10 per person
  • Junior Program

The Boyne Mountain Junior Cup is based on the PGA Tour's Fed Ex Cup. This tournament series is comprised of 4 events throughout the summer. The first two events the juniors compete with their parents and the last two they compete on their own.  Juniors compete in age brackets and the junior with the most points at the end of the series, regaurdless of age, will be crowned Boyne Mountain Junior Cup Champion.

2019 Schedule

Family Tournaments:

Each will be played with one parent as a two person team. Both events will have tee time starts and be 9 holes. Both events will be played on the Alpine.  Entry fee is $20 per team.

2019 Boyne Mountain Family Scramble Championship
Sunday, June 30 | 2PM  

2019 Boyne Mountain Family Alternate Shot Championship
Sunday, July 21 | 2PM 

Individual Tournaments:

Entry fee for both these events is $10 per person, per event. Each event will be an individual junior event.

2019 Boyne Mountain Junior Championship
Sunday, August 11

  • Juniors 5-7 Years Old Play 3 Holes | 2PM The Alpine
  • Juniors 8-10 Years Old Play 6 Holes | 2PM The Alpine
  • Juniors 11-17 Years Old Play 9 Holes |1PM The Monument

2019 Boyne Mountain Junior Glow Ball Championship
Sunday, September 1

The Beach House Putting Course

All players will play the putting course 2 times for a total of 18 holes. Scoring by age divisions.