MACH 3 Speed Training with Jeff Roth
Drop-in sessions for $25!

MACH 3 Speed Training with Jeff Roth

  • Training Program
    Training Program

We all want faster club speed, but may not know how to increase that speed on our own. Jeff Roth has brought the MACH 3 Speed Training Program to the BOYNE Golf Academy that utilizes different weighted tools to let your body do the work for you! Visualization skills and training your body to move in specific ways is where it all begins. In this circuit-style training program, you will see results in as little as one session! 

A TPI Screening with Jeff is recommended before beginning the program to see what your body is capable of and what your best course of action is for your training program. This is a separate consultation with Jeff for an additional charge. This is not necessary to participate in the program, but only recommended. This program is available for all levels of golfers, including non-golfers! Make this a part of your lifestyle.

All sessions are available as a drop-in for $25.
Monthly rate is $125.

Space is limited for this program.


  1. All protocols support ONLY speed.
  2. Speed Training is non-technical; the task creates the technique.
  3. Speed tools provide " dynamic variable resistance".
  4. Speed Training are fun, competitive, full body movements.
  5. Speed Training creates awareness for what "triggers" fast.
  6. Speed Training will produce temporary  "spiked" speed, that over time will become your "play" speed.
  7. Speed Training will encourage the need for a custom fit driver to compliment the new-found speed.


July 2020 - Coming Soon!

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Ross Golf Center
250 Heather Drive
Harbor Springs, MI

Speed Training Will Open Your Eyes

"Speed training really opened my eyes to using my body and the ground correctly to increase my speed. It also helped me identify some things I can work on."
Josh Richter, Student and Director of Golf