Golf Schools

at BOYNE Golf Academy

It's never too late to take up the game of a lifetime. At the BOYNE Golf Academy, we have developed three golf school opportunities that fit into exactly what you are looking for!

Why Should I Enroll in a Golf School?

Research shows that when you are trying to learn a new skill or potentially brush up and refine current skills, it is very beneficial to immerse yourself in the learning environment. Think of it like learning a foreign language. It’s great to take classes, and practice but everyone says the best way to learn the language is to actually go to that new country and immerse yourself in the culture. Getting better at golf is kind of like that!

The golf schools at the BOYNE Golf Academy are an immersive experience where we will give you all of the tools you need to help achieve your goals in an exciting, fun and memory making environment.

Our world class coaches teach each individual student to their specific goals through the use of the most advanced video, biomechanical motion analysis, and ball flight tools. All of this happens on our fantastic golf courses and nearly 360-degree driving range complete with multiple short game areas and putting surfaces.

Helped My Game Tremendously

"With my new grip positioning, during a recent scramble event, we used seven of my drives out of nine. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the change in my tee game! I actually had fun playing golf tonight! Thank you so much!"
- Maureen M