BOYNE Golf Academy

2022 Season

"Looking forward to my next lesson!"

"Dave is fantastic and always responds to questions promptly."

"Joe is a great instructor. I am learning a lot and enjoying myself."

"Awesome instruction that is both knowledgeable and fun."

"Dave was extremely helpful, and I look forward to my next lesson."

"Joe is the best!"

"Dave was very helpful. He didn't pre-judge us for not having the seasoned golfer look, but dealt with us very respectfully. Top notch interaction."

"Everything was great!!!"

"Dave is fantastic"

"Joe Charles is a fabulous instructor. I have been taking lessons with him for over a year and enjoy every lesson! He is knowledgeable and always knows how to fix my swing!"

"I find the instructions very easy to understand."

"The facilities are excellent. I really like how there is a separate section for instruction away from others. The grounds are impeccable. Boyne is truly a top resort for golfers."

"You have a great stable of outstanding instructors."

"I think this was my fifth ox sixth lesson and it was worth every minute."

"David is outstanding, his passion for the game is incredible."

"Jeff Roth was an excellent instructor."

"Joe is by far the best golf instructor I have had lessons with! I recommend him to all my friends."

"Dave is a stellar instructor. He is very friendly, and knowledgeable, and he makes his clients feel at ease with whomever they are in their mastery of the game."

"Joe has done so much to improve my game - multiple changes that all have proven valuable. "

2021 Season

"Jeff is an excellent instructor!"

"Joe was phenomenal. Cannot wait to get more lessons."

"Excellent experience from start to finish."

"David was terrific."

"Very impressed with my club fitting and lessons from Dave McWhorter. Definitely has made a difference in my game."

"I highly recommend Jeff Roth."

"Dave is both knowledgeable but more importantly knows how to explain what needs to be adjusted.
Joe has taught me to love the game of golf! He is excellent and I look forward to all our lessons."

"Joe Charles is a really good golf instructor and a good guy."

"Joe and Dave do an excellent job."

"Loved the winter golf school - and learned a lot that should help me diagnose my own swing flaws"

"Took advantage of the winter special series of 5, that included the club fitting. I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend!"

"Looking forward to trackman range this spring/summer"

"Joe did a great job"

"Joe Charles is an excellent patient teacher - would take more lessons from him"

"Hang on to him! As business owner I know how hard it is in today’s climate to find solid people. I wish I had 11 Dave Mcworter’s , thank you for an awesome experience today!"

"Dave did an amazing job Best I’ve ever had as an instructor and fitting of my unorthodox swing"

"Joe is an asset to Boyne golf."

"Keep up with qualified and knowledgeable staffing."

"Dave really knows the golf swing and how to match a swing to a specific set of clubs. Will recommend Dave to all my friends."

2020 Season

"Joe has an excellent knowledge of the golf swing and can quickly identify solutions to issues."

"Joe is amazing. He was able to make clear and simple adjustments that actually made sense to me. His style was perfect for how I learn. Great experience."

Jeff was fantastic. He was very flexible and able to reschedule due to weather. He was very knowledgeable and helped key in on a few areas in my game I am hoping to strengthen."

"Dave was excellent in his approach and detailed explanations during the entire process."

"Dave McWhorter has an excellent knowledge of what the different irons and woods can do and, most importantly, which ones are best suited for the person getting their club fitting. My wife and I will also be taking lessons from David going forward."

"Dave knew the technology and equipment better than any other golf professional I've been around. This understanding translated into a great experience. I will recommend him to any other person looking to get fitted for clubs."

"Great experience. Dave spent a significant amount of time with me to ensure that I ordered the best clubs for my swing. He is a true professional."

"Joe Charles is an exceptional Golf Pro instructor, I've improved my golf game immensely, and feel more confident playing with others."

"Dave was terrific the best."

"Had great experience."

"Joe did an incredibly efficient job of helping me improve a  shortcoming that was making the game very frustrating.  Thanks Joe!"

"Lesson was fantastic"

"Joe Charles is an amazing Golf instructor, I've learned so much in just a few visits."

"Dave is excellent."

"Dave M was fantastic."

"The teacher, facilities, technologies applied, and the golf courses in the backdrop -- all make for a great experience to learn more about how to play golf."

"David was great.  Very knowledgeable, patient, broke things down in progressions - which is ideal for my learning style.  Looking forward to more lessons."

"Great so far! Joe Charles is a very effective instructor.   He is quick to diagnose problem areas and to offer corrections in a simple-to-understand manner."

"Joe provided an effective and efficient lesson. Good man!!"

"Great lesson with Joe Charles. I'm looking forward to my next lesson."

"Dave was great and I wish I had not waited this long to get fitted for clubs!"

"Worth every penny."

"Joe Charles was excellent with our boys! We just purchased a 10 pack of junior lessons with him!"

"Joe is a true teaching professional!  He listened very intently and was very interested in getting to know me and what I wanted to accomplish.  He instructed in a very clear, understandable and non-technical manner.  I felt very comfortable with Joe and feel confident that even with only one lesson, I can improve my game.  I was impressed that he sent me the video with narrative so quickly after my lesson.  That will be a good tool for me to review when I need a little reinforcement of what we worked on during the lesson."

"I was very apprehensive about doing a fitting.  Dave instantly put me at ease and quickly diagnosed my situation.   He encouraged me to practice with some drills and ordered a new full set of clubs for me.  That combination has been amazing.  I am very grateful that my husband "talked me into" doing the fitting.  Dave is wonderful (and so are my new clubs)!  I am just delighted."

"David McWhorter is an outstanding instructor. He is knowledgeable, patient, motivational and creative. He went over and above the norm in helping me. Much appreciated."

"The GEARS Golf 3D body and club analysis was  amazing. It showed me exactly what my swing was doing as well as the inadequacy of my current clubs. The shaft on my current set of clubs was not stiff enough and was actually bending in two directions on impact with the ball. I was able to increase ball speed and distance with the proper club. Thanks Dave McWhorter."

"Dave has a perfect balance of positives to his student, explain the issue he sees but still gives clear steps to overcome your swing change challenge. Of course Dave built this style by working hard with his student. We worked hard last winter which allowed him to steer me over my upcoming golf vacation even though we hadn't had a lesson 3 months."

"Dave McWhorter is the most effective golf teacher I have experienced over many years.  I have benefitted immensely from his teaching, demonstrating, mentoring, and coaching.  My game was really in a mess, and Dave helped sort it out, and conveyed a new foundation of core knowledge for me to continue on understanding why the swing changes he helped me with will make the most impact on my game."

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