Starting from $100


Starting from $100

Revolutionary Training Aid

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The BOYNE Golf Academy offers a revolutionary training aid to their arsenal with the GEARS Club and Body Tracking System. Much like TrackMan did when it first arrived on the scene, GEARS takes golf training to a whole new level with a focus on the movement of your body and its effect on your swing and the ball's flight path.

GEARS is a state of the art program that tracks both club and body movement throughout the entire golf swing. The common misperception is it only benefits low handicap and tour caliber players and that is simply not true. GEARS benefits anyone looking to play better golf and makes the process simple and very understandable by providing club data, body data and a 360° visual of each swing. The combination of data and visual aid provides a great platform to learn more about your golf swing and current equipment.

Most players leave GEARS feeling confident, rejuvenated and ready to play more golf. Players often realize an additional extra 20-30 yards off the tee after a session.

The Highlands is the only golf resort facility in the Midwest that offers such a unique experience with the familiar faces of BOYNE Golf Professionals. Data is recorded through a series of 26 sensors strategically placed at key spots on the body, and six more sensors on the club, along with eight high-speed cameras running at 360 frames per second and has been dubbed as the 'MRI for your golf game'. 

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    • Driver or Iron Fitting
      Includes TrackMan 4
    • $100
    • Full Bag Fitting
      Includes TrackMan 4
    • $175
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Visually Shows Results

"Having had a back injury over 10-years ago and my swing changing over time, GEARS allowed me to see exactly how my golf swing and body motion has changed and with the direction of the Boyne golf instruction team, they were able to guide me and visually show me what I need to work on. Combine TrackMan technology with GEARS and BOYNE's knowledge of custom fitting golf equipment, and you have one of the top game improvement facilities in the country."
Kevin Frisch