Starting from $100


Starting from $100

The game has changed

The introduction of TrackMan 4 is the culmination of a three-year journey which began as an initiative to design and engineer the most powerful and accurate golf Launch Monitor ever built. The outcome is Dual Radar Technology - a radical transformation in the way radar technology is applied in golf today. Using two radar systems instead of one to obtain maximum data quality and increased pick up rates.

  • TrackMan Lesson
    Club Fitting

The game has changed - and TrackMan's revolutionary, radar-based technology is the reason why. Using leading-edge technology and proprietary software, TrackMan captures every aspect of a golfer's swing, translating the entire action into a series of data points. Working with those data points, coaches and players can analyze and compare shots to isolate and address strengths and weaknesses - reducing learning curves from weeks and months to days, even hours.

Widely used by touring professionals, TrackMan gives the BOYNE Golf Academy staff the ability to provide clear data to support each client's instruction. With TrackMan, we are able to pinpoint the aspects of each student's game that hold the greatest potential for meaningful improvement.


    • Driver or Iron Fitting
      Includes GEARS
    • $100
    • Full Bag Fitting
      Includes GEARS
    • $175

Far More Accuracy

"Between Dave’s knowledge of the components of building a set of clubs for my golf level, incorporating GEARS, TrackMan (and a few lessons), he has built me a set of golf clubs that have allowed me to hit the ball noticeably farther and with far more accuracy than I was able to achieve with my previous clubs. I have recommended this service to a few friends who were curious about a club fitting and they were very happy with the club fitting experience as well."
Mary Parker