Doon Brae Short Course

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Short Course Rendering

short course And Himalayan-Style Putting Course

The new par-3 short course currently under construction at The Highlands will be named “Doon Brae.” The name Doon Brae, where Doon means going down into a valley and Brae means hillside in Scottish, is fitting as the routing of the course is on the site of the former Cuff Links nine-hole par-3 course set along the hillside that doubles as a ski slope during the winter months.

The recent explosion in golf has brought experienced golfers out more often, brought back many who have left the game, and allowed many to experience the joys of golf who were never avid golfers. As we looked to meet those needs developing a short course was at the top of our list. it certainly accelerated our plans to develop short courses at several Boyne Resorts golf facilities, including replacing a very basic 9-hole par three course on the lower slopes of The Highlands near the Main Lodge.   

Short courses have been gaining in popularity since they address challenges that have kept many from playing more golf…time, expense, convenience and making FUN the paramount to the experience rather than frustration. These are barriers to people enjoying more golf, especially for those returning or new to the game.

The Architect 

Renowned Michigan golf course architect Ray Hearn was a natural ”fit” to work with BOYNE Golf teams on the design for this new golf experience at The Highlands. Over the past several years Ray has worked closely with our BOYNE Golf teams and developed a trust modernizing classic course designs while respecting the original architect’s philosophy while making them more enjoyable golf experiences. 

The new Doon Brae short course and the accompanying Himalayan putting course at The Highlands are entirely new designs.  While they are in a similar location, that and the fact that it will be lit for nighttime rounds is all that it shares with the former Cuff Links 9-hole par three.  


Course Design and Inspiration  

The new short-course is designed to first and foremost be FUN and allow golfers of all levels to enjoy the experience. Each golfer can determine their level of challenge that suits them for that round…and yes you can play it more than once a day!  The course will feature downhill, flat, uphill and sidehill fairway lies, generally moving horizontally back and forth across the slope. Two to three fairway options are available for each hole and you can be creative with you placement for your tee shots. Shorter length options offer less hazards in the line of play and longer options offer more hazards and risks. Additionally, there are only two heights of cut (green and fairway) surrounded by a sparse fescue secondary rough grass. The greens will feature a slight flavor of some of my favorite greens that Ray Hearn has played in the British Isles. All golfers, from highly skilled to beginning golfers and all skill levels in between will have a lot of fun playing this course. 


NEW Putting Experience 

In addition to the short course, a new Himalayan style putting course is being developed at the foot of the slopes as well near the Main Lodge on 1 ½ acres. Designed to be fun for golf-a-holics as well as non-golfers, the undulations will “test” the skills of all levels of golfers and non-golfers in a relaxed setting and the correct “aiming point” is often not the straightest.  


Why the Wait? 

The plan has been in existence for several years, but we have been waiting for the recent addition of the Camelot 6 Chairlift that opened Winter 23-24 . Please check back for details and updates as work progresses again in spring 2024. 

Held 7.14.23

Groundbreaking Ceremony